Water Conservation

From giving guests choices about how often their sheets and towels are washed to smarter kitchen and landscaping management, low flow options on property, and more – America’s hotels are working to reduce water consumption.

Almost all hotels have been taking action to implement water efficiency measures in the last three years. 

The hotel industry plays an important role in reducing water usage. By implementing water-efficient practices in core areas like laundry, food and beverage, and landscaping, we are prioritizing water conservation without compromising comfort.

Our members are not only measuring their water consumption but are adopting water-efficient practices to save millions of gallons of water each year. For example, many have installed high-efficiency equipment like toilets, showerheads, and faucets that often use at least 20% less water than standard models, save energy, and perform as well as or better than regular models.

Working together, our guests are doing their part as well. Linen and towel reuse programs in guest rooms can help reduce the amount of laundry washed and save water and energy. With laundry accounting for 16% of a hotel’s water usage, these programs make a big impact.

Outside of the guest room, water-smart landscaping, irrigation systems, leak detection and repair, and efficient pool maintenance ensure hotels are using less water. In addition to these retrofits, some properties are reusing water that would otherwise go to waste through greywater recycling and rainwater harvesting technologies.

“Every day, hotels across the U.S. work hard to help ensure guests have safe, clean, and positive stays. Hotels have a long-standing commitment to responsible and sustainable practices and are finding new ways to use resources more efficiently. Whether it’s water or energy used in room cleaning, laundry operations, pools, cooling systems, or in the kitchen, Ecolab helps hotels do more with less while optimizing business outcomes. With Responsible Stay, we are here to support hotels in their sustainability journey to find new ways to help conserve water, reduce waste, and support a transition to a more sustainable future.”

More than four in five hotels are using native or drought-tolerant plants for landscaping to reduce the need for water-intensive irrigation. Practices such as tracking water consumption, having a water reduction plan, and installing water-efficient fixtures are also prevalent practices  

Key Findings:  

  • Nearly all hotels (99.3%) have implemented water efficiency measures in the past three years.
  • 83.1% use native or drought-tolerant plants for landscaping to reduce irrigation needs.
  • At least one-quarter of all hotels install water-efficient fixtures such as high-efficiency faucets (25.0%), high-efficiency showerheads (32.7%), and low-flow toilets (33.4%).

Our Impact

Caesars in Las Vegas saved

30 million gallons

of water in a year after installing more efficient laundry facilities and emphasizing its mission to conserve water

High-performing water-using equipment in our hotels like toilets, showerheads, and faucets use at least


less water than standard models

MGM Resorts have saved over

5.6 billion gallons

of water going to waste through its conservation efforts, including water optimization systems, water efficient operations, and water recycling

Since installing a water recycling project in mid-2018, an average of


of water used on property at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara has been recycled each month

Download the Responsible Stay water conservation one-pager here.