Statements of Support

“Atrium Hospitality is eager to support AHLA’s Responsible Stay initiative, which complements our sustainability commitment as one of the nation’s largest hotel operators. We’re committed to being a responsible community partner, including priorities for energy efficiency, waste reduction, water conservation, and responsible sourcing. Atrium invests in innovation to conserve the planet’s natural resources and to be more efficient, all while providing exceptional guest experiences.”
Rob Mangiarelli, President, Atrium Hospitality
“Apple Hospitality REIT is committed to building on our longstanding commitment to sustainability across our investment and asset management strategies to reduce our environmental impact. We strongly support ‘Responsible Stay’s’ goal of reducing carbon emissions by pursuing initiatives focused on water conservation, waste reduction, responsible sourcing and energy efficiency. To enhance our commitment to sustainable operations, Apple Hospitality REIT established a formal energy management program in 2018, engaging resources throughout our Company to ensure that energy, water and waste management are a priority not only within our Company, but also with our management companies and brands. We are committed to working closely with the brands to identify priorities for future investment that will further advance sustainable operating standards.”
Justin Knight, CEO, Apple Hospitality REIT, Inc.